Welcome to the Casa de Las Rosas

The hotel is located in the main town of Cuenca, the most beautiful city of Ecuador. It is the house of the Tapia Peña family, build in 1952 by the father Luis Tapia.
This great family lived here until 2008 (father, mother and twelve children).
The mother Rosa always took care of the children and the flowers with a truly maternal vocation. Today the house belongs to the last daughter Rosa (after her mother).
It was restored in 2012 and today it is a homely hotel: a house with a story. here it is possible to see many objects that describe the life of the Tapia Peña family.
"Casa de las Rosas" is full of memories that are also the history of Cuenca, a piece of history that can't be found on books.



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Our rooms

All original spaces of the mansion have been preserved while being enhanced in their new role within the modern and stylish hotel. Each room has a private bathroom, cable TV, telephone, and internet. Casa de las Rosas provides ideal accommodations for different needs: single, double, twin, and spacious and elegant suites

The city of Cuenca

Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca is located in an Andean valley of the southern highlands of Ecuador at an altitude of 2535 m. above sea level. Cuenca’s climate is characteristically mild with an average temperature of 17 ° C.

Mashipura Viajes

Casa de las Rosas offers its services under the management of Mashipura Viajes.
The family Tapia Peña and Mashipura Viajes cordially invite you to enjoy Cuenca in the Casa de las Rosas.